SBOBet Sportsbook Review

Known as the largest international online sports betting operator, SBOBet has a wide coverage of sporting events worldwide. The website covers over 500 events every week, including major sports such as football and horse racing. SBOBet has operations in Europe licensed by the Isle of Man and in Asia licensed by the Philippines. The site offers betting on sports, casino games, and keno. The betting limits vary from bet type to bet type.

In Running (“Live”) bets are available for matches which are currently in progress or are marked as live betting markets. During live betting, the Operator has the right to suspend or void bets. However, if bets are accepted before the suspension, they will stand until the Operator ceases betting on the event.

The operator is not liable for the accuracy of video streams or live score updates. However, independent evidence will be used to support the settlement of bets. In addition, the operator reserves the right to void or suspend bets in the event that there is a suspicion of cheating. However, the Operator may offer selected markets for betting. In case of bets being accepted prior to suspension, the Operator will refund any stale bets.

The operator also reserves the right to void bets if the odds or details are incorrect. In the event that the Operator suspects that an End User has been betting using an artificial intelligence or is engaged in a pattern of betting fraudulently, the Operator may void or suspend the bet. If the operator suspects that a bet has been placed with the aid of artificial intelligence, the operator may bar the Account holder from holding an Account with the Operator.

In addition to settling bets on regular time (60 or 70 minutes of play) and overtime, the Operator also settles bets on extra time (if the event is subject to extra time). However, the extra time will only be deemed to have taken place if there is a time difference of six seconds or more between the end of regulation time and the end of extra time. If there is a time difference of less than six seconds, the bet will be deemed a Draw.

The Operator does not accept liability for live score updates, but it will make an effort to detect the use of artificial intelligence by an End User. If the Operator suspects that a bet has been made with the assistance of artificial intelligence, it will void or suspend the bet. The Operator also reserves the right to suspend markets if the Operator suspects that a bet is being placed with the assistance of artificial intelligence. The Operator also reserves the right to refuse, reject or suspend any bet without prior notice to the End User.

During the live betting period, the Operator may suspend markets for which it has no obligation to settle bets. If the Operator suspends the live betting market, the bets placed before the suspension will stand unless the Operator otherwise states in Specific Sports Betting Rules.